commercial lighting case studies

Commercial led lighting ITS

Integrated Technology Services

Integrated Technology Services (ITS), a nation-wide ATM service provider, undertook a lighting upgrade in their warehouse and office facilities. After replacing their low bay and fluorescent tubes to LED, the company's first electricity bill since the upgrade shows that energy consumption has been halved.

Commercial LED lighting Downtowner

The Downtowner on Lygon

Ecovantage upgraded the The Downtowner on Lygon's downlights and fluorescent tubes to energy efficient LED lights. Due to the significantly lower wattage of the LED lighting, the hotel has reduced their energy consumption from lighting by a massive 78%.

Commercial lighting Balmain Cove case study

Tors and Landings

This Rozelle strata title building achieved a remarkable reduction in energy usage of 60% after upgrading the common area lighting. The lighting upgrade will also provide substantial savings in their ongoing maintenance costs.

LED lighting upgrade Gosford Police Station

Gosford Police Station

The lighting upgrade has resulted in estimated electricity savings of $42,974.50 per year. The creation and sale of ESCs (Energy Saving Certificates) reduced the initial outlay to $52,653 (from $155,312) which reduced the payback period to 1.91 years.

LED lighting upgrade Geofabrics


Geofabrics has maximised the benefits of energy efficiency not only through cost savings in reduced electricity consumption, but by using the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) to significantly reduce the costs of the project. As as accredited certificate provider under the scheme, we were able to translate the energy savings to $75,000 worth of ESC value or rebate.

LED lighting upgrade Bondi strata

Bondi Strata

As the lighting in this Bondi strata building was used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the energy use was reduced by a massive 85% after an energy efficient lighting upgrade. While these numbers are impressive on their own, the cost of the upgrade was also covered under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

LED lighting upgrade Toolern Vale Primary

Toolern Vale Primary School

The school engaged Ecovantage to supply and install new LED tubes to replace their old inefficient halogen fluorescent lighting. The school’s original lighting was patchy with different colours. The new lighting is uniform with higher light output, therefore reducing eye strain and making it more comfortable for the students.

LED lighting upgrade Metro Belmore

Metro Petroleum

For this small service station in western Sydney, the return on their lighting upgrade was immediate as, on this occasion, the upgrade was fully subsidised by the ESS. With the energy efficient LED tubes, the service station will also save $2,000 each year on their energy bill.

LED lighting upgrade school

Victorian High School

For an initial outlay of $6814.50 this large independent school in Melbourne stands to save around $600 a month in energy bills, producing a return on investment of just ten months.

LED lighting upgrade Prahran east medical centre

Prahran East Medical Centre

Prahran East Medical Centre has replaced their old T8 fluorescent tubes and halogen down lights with LED equivalents to improve light quality and reduce energy costs.

The energy saving will pay for the upgrade in a year and a half. The reduction in maintenance and the addition of the energy saver incentive provides significant added value.

LED lighting upgrade ACS

Australian Calibrating Services

Australian Calibrating Services in Collingwood had over 80 halogen downlights throughout their offices burning up electricity at a rapid rate. They engaged Ecovantage to replace these with LED downlights which immediately dropped energy use by more than 70%, paying for themselves in under two years.

Now ACS can look forward to reduced electricity bills and significantly lower maintenance costs.

LED lighting upgrade arts projects australia

Arts Project Australia

Arts Project Australia has a unique gallery space and workshop in Northcote that has recently had an LED upgrade.

The workshop had big spotlights that shone upwards into the high ceiling space and a number of fluorescent tubes on the exposed beams. These have now been replaced by LED tubes with a high colour rendering index (CRI) for displaying the fantastic art work produced by the artists. This not only saves the not for profit significant energy costs but provides the artists with much improved light.

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