Ecovantage Customers Beat the Heat Wave

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Struggling with the heat this summer? We’re certainly in the midst of a heat wave here in Melbourne, and sales of our window shading solution, Renshade have increased substantially. In fact, in the last few weeks, we’ve had some great feedback from our customers about this innovative, Australian product.

Here’s what they have to say:

Renshade testimonial 1
“We used Renshade on our west-facing windows during the January 14 heatwave and found it made an appreciable difference to the room. The glass is already double-glazed and low-E and, with the addition of Renshade, it ended up being the coolest room in the house in the late afternoon. It is the best temporary solution we have come across.”

Renshade testimonial 3
“This is great sun block for windows that are hard to protect from the sun, or in a rental house. Easy to install and remove.”

Renshade testimonial 2
“I have utilised Renshade in both a work environment (a crappy old school portable, which is essentially a poorly insulated metal box) and in our unit. As far as it’s primary function goes, Renshade is excellent at blocking/reflecting solar radiation, hence keeping heat outside, as well as reducing glare considerably. Our unit has no air conditioning (AC is such a ridiculous invention- did you know that it most automotive AC still uses ozone-destroying gases as refrigerants??! Crazy!!) and after installing Renshade midway during our recent mid 40s heatwave, the difference it made was dramatic!! No more heating up of the house by the morning sun – the Renshade kept heating up to a minimum, and as such, we got through 3 days up to 44 degrees with a fan circulating and a few cold waters out of the fridge – no AC needed!

Highly recommend it – cheap, functional, highly effective.

The only cons would be – does look a little tacky, but I am a function-over-appearances person, so I couldn’t give a hoot how it looks! Also, If you weren’t careful in storing it properly when it’s not in use, or are rough with it, it could tear relatively easily or be damaged (more aesthetics that functionally). In 3 words: Renshade – Do it!”

What is Renshade?

Renshade roll

Renshade is an aluminium foil laminate that acts like a mirror to reflect the sun’s heat, yet still lets the light in. You attach it to your window with velcro dots and then remove it when it’s not required. Simple, but very effective.

How to use Renshade

For full Renshade details, see our online shop.

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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards
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