Renshade your home this summer and save

In the energy efficiency ‘space’ or realm, one of the best products you’ve never heard of is Renshade.

When trying to reduce the energy usage of your home, one of the most cost effective products available is Renshade, a laminate paper product, topped with aluminium foil and perforated with tiny holes for visibility. It is applied to the inside of windows so as to reflect radiant heat, and it works brilliantly.

Renshade aluminium foil laminate operates much like a mirror and reflects the sun’s radiation away from the house. Renshade creates a shade impasse between the outside and inside of your home, effectively blocking up to 85% of the natural heat carried by the sun’s rays. The perforated holes are distributed evenly across the Renshade surface, allowing for outward visibility while not sacrificing shading value.

Renshade is simply applied to existing windows via Velcro adhesive ‘dots’ when you require it, then removed and rolled up for storage purposes. Renshade is an adaptive energy efficiency process which will considerably improve the cooling efficiency of your home and save on the energy slog of summer air conditioning units.

Renshade is suitable for any building type, and is ideal if you have west-facing windows. This product will block the afternoon and early evening sun, making that room immediately, considerably and noticeably cooler. It is an affordable alternative to costly or difficult-to-install external shading. Renshade will make your summer a whole lot more comfortable, and less expensive.

Call or email Ecovantage and we will send you a sample piece of Renshade so that you can see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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Renshade is an Australian-owned company, and is manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia.