Shading: Prevention is better than cure

When we say prevention is better than cure, we mean it is better to prevent the home from getting hot, than to cool it down once it is already hot. Not only are you more comfortable but you are saving money as well.

To help keep your home naturally cool in summer, North or West facing windows should be shaded either externally and/or internally.

  • External shading such as external blinds, awnings and vegetation stops much of the summer sun’s heat from entering the home through windows. Although vegetation is ideal for us to suck up all that CO2, it may also block the sun in the winter which increases the need for heating. This is where external blinds are ideal, you can pull them down in summer to block out those rays, and retract them again in winter to get full light and any warm sun that may be lingering.
  • Internal Shading products, such as Renshade, can also be an effective way to block or even reflect the sun’s heat. A perforated foil-like sheet, Renshade reflects heat from a window‘s surface while still allowing light to filter in. Easily installed by attaching Velcro dots to the window frame,  it can be installed during the hot Summer months, and simply removed in cooler months to allow the Sun to naturally warm the home. Flexible and affordable, Renshade is an effective solution for both home owners and tenants. Other blind like products can be used to block the intrusion of the sun into the rooms.

Ecovantage are busy installing shading as part of the Moreland Energy Foundations (MEFL) Summer Saver program. The feedback has been fantastic regarding the various awnings, blinds and Renshade installs and the improvement in comfort.

For more information on the benefits of external/internal shading, and ways to implement this yourself, visit

Most fans use about the same as an incandescent light and provide significant relief on a warm day.

If you do still have to cool your home, ensure that your air conditioner is set between 25 – 27 degrees Celsius only using it in the rooms you are in. No point in cooling that games room if you’re sitting down to dinner with friends!