The Three Best Ways to Keep Your House or Office Cool During Summer

1. Ensure there is adequate ceiling insulation. The air in the cavity between the underside of your roof and topside of your ceiling gets extremely hot in the summer sun. Insulating ceiling batts create a pocket of cool air to prevent that cavity hot air heating your ceiling and thus the air inside your rooms. The underside of your roof should also be lined in insulating foil to provide another barrier to radiant heat from the sun

2. Draught proof the building to be in control of air entry and exit. Ensure that all gaps and openings throughout the building are closed by affixing door strips to the bottom of every exterior door, applying draught-sealing tapes around door and window frame jambs, and by filling all other apertures such as cracks in walls or gaps between louvered window panes. These measures will keep the hot northerly winds out and the cool air in. Install exhaust ceiling fan caps where possible to keep the superhot roof cavity air out of the rooms. A ceiling fan cap product called Draftstoppa is the best solution for your standard, round exhaust fans. Generally, the more you can ‘compartmentalise’ and fully seal each room of the home or building the easier it is to control the internal temperature at will

3. Shade or insulate your windows. Heat gain to any room occurs in majority through the thin membranes that are your window panes. This is exacerbated when those windows are subject to direct sunlight, particularly the afternoon sun from the west. Ideally, you should install blinds or shade cloth to the outside of the building so as to shade those windows from the sun. Where you cannot install exterior blinds, an excellent alternative is to install interior shading. A heavy duty, perforated, aluminium foil such as Renshade is the best product on the market for this purpose. It reflects 95% of the sun’s radiant heat, allows abundant light to still enter the room, and still gives a very good view to the outside. Install it for summer, then roll it up for storage through winter.