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Bruce Easton

Bruce Easton - Founder and CEO

It's funny, energy efficiency and I are a natural fit and yet it took years for me to find it. Twenty years of business consulting and a lifetime of interest in the environment, finally merged with Ecovantage supporting households and businesses to become more energy efficient.

I am immensely proud of our team being a part of the sustainability movement. With teams working in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia we have been able to deliver well over a million tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement, save millions of litres of water and millions of dollars in utility bills.

I love giving people meaningful jobs and I'm hopeful that the savings delivered have saved jobs and maybe even allowed some companies to employ more.

Energy efficiency: What is it?

If efficiency is defined as the smart use of resources, then energy efficiency means making smart decisions about how you use energy in your home or business.

We can help you make these decisions.


We will all benefit if we use energy more efficiently:

  • We will be wealthier as we spend less on waste energy.
  • We will be healthier as we pollute less.
  • Companies will be more productive leading to increased employment.


We offer energy efficient products and services to help:

  • businesses become more profitable by reducing overhead costs.
  • householders save on energy bills and improve comfort levels.
  • businesses and householders access government incentives to ease the transition to energy efficiency.

Personal service

We are proud of our high level of personal service and we're often told by our customers that we are 'friendly and easy to deal with'.

Our people have extensive energy efficiency education and experience in the field, making us a trusted source of knowledge and practical advice.

Take control of your energy costs

Energy prices have gone through the roof in recent times and an increasing number of Australians are taking control of these costs.

This awareness has reached a tipping point, especially in the business community. An enormous number of businesses are realising that upgrading to energy efficient lighting is a simple and effective way of slashing their overheads and increasing net profit.

Servicing these organisations with customised lighting solutions and associated government rebates is a core element of our business.

Access energy efficiency rebates

Another focus for us is in helping you access the incentives available under the energy efficiency schemes in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

We are accredited under the schemes which means we are able to provide rebates for a range of energy efficient upgrades including commercial lighting, hot water, heating and household appliance upgrades.

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