Climarte auditorium

We were very impressed by the fantastic turnout at Deakin Edge on Saturday for the discussion about the role of art and its relationship to Climate Change that was put on by Climarte as part of this years Sustainable Living Festival.

The auditorium was packed to overflowing to hear Mandy Martin, Fiona Hall, Peter Christoff, Chris Jordan and Damon Young talk about how art can work on different conscious levels in helping the public understand the issue of consumption and climate change.

Climarte artwork

The violent red image of a mining truck in a mine from Mandy Martin was a favourite whilst Chris Jordan‘s short film of the albatross chick still resonates.

Climarte albatross

Bruce Easton, CEO of Ecovantage picked up two bags of plastic bits from Albert Park beach the following Sunday and was so moved he has shown the images to several people since! We recommend looking at Chris Jordan’s amazing art and relating statistics of waste and Mandy’s works in oil. Powerful stuff that supports the truth that a picture paints a thousand words!

All power to Climarte and we look forward to the program of events being run by Guy Abrahams and Bronwyn Johnson in the near future.