Arts Project Australia is a great organisation supporting artists with unique abilities. Their studio and gallery in High St Northcote upgraded their lighting to LED in two stages. Firstly the art is lit in the gallery space downstairs by LED downlights on tracks, and secondly, the studio upstairs has replaced a series of floodlights with 54 LED tubes. The LED lights not only save close to 80% of the electricity costs but they also have a high colour rending value (CRI) as required for art studios and galleries. Arts Project Australia had been fortunate to gain funding from the William Buckland Foundation for the lighting upgrade upstairs and support from the City of Darebin for the gallery space downstairs. The additional value of the energy saving certificates organised by Ecovantage enabled the funding to go further and deliver more savings again.

The arts organisation is looking forward to saving approximately $2-3,000 per year in electricity costs and certainly appreciates the support. Sue the Director says “environmental considerations are a strong component of Arts Project Business Plan and we have been pleased to combine this philosophy with our upgrade to the working area for our artists, our artists have certainly noticed the difference to their workspace”.