Conservation Volunteers Australia is an organisation that seeks to preserve our environment through the coordination of tailored management programs. The range of projects underway is extensive and volunteers are able to select an activity that suits their interest, skill level and availability.

The opportunity to throw of a pair of steel caps for the day was an exciting prospect- I’d selected a project at the La Trobe University Wildlife Sanctuary that was “ideal for bird watchers and animal lovers”. Our setting was picturesque and as we learnt about the history and biodiversity of the site, I was thrilled to be surrounded by the resident wildlife, as promised.

Our tasks were primarily weed control and land clearance- both proved to be bizarrely therapeutic. We had a team of 7 and we learnt that although we had been drawn to the project for different reasons, we all shared a love for nature and being immersed in it.

The day was capped off with a mighty battle with a black berry bush. Having left my gloves back at the base, I walked away with combat wounds but a sense of satisfaction that the beast had been slayed, at least for now.

It was great to feel that sense of community and to reboot my environmental consciousness. I hope to be able to commit more time to this organisation in the future.


wallaby_crop (1)