Commercial LED lighting upgrade Bag Heaven

Established in 1995, Bag Heaven is an independently owned South Australian company stocking major brands in luggage, handbags, business bags, wallets and purses. Located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD at 48 Gawler Place, Bag Heaven Pty Ltd is South Australia's most trusted supplier of bags and luggage goods.

Bag Heaven will have over one hundred LED lights installed including shop lighters, LED tubes and LED downlights which will not only provide great light but will do it at a fraction of the energy cost.

The proprietor was largely sold on the high quality of the light for the interior of the shop to enhance the products on sale. The colour and the brightness needs to be right to ensure the beautiful colours of the bags and wallets are not dulled or altered in any way. Whilst the energy efficiency and the long life expectancy was appealing, it was mainly about the customer experience.

Ecovantage is able to claim a rebate like value through the SA governments energy efficiency scheme (REES) because the lights are accredited and they will be installed by experienced licenced electricians. This dropped a very reasonable cost of full replacement from nearly $4,000 to just over $700. With an electricity cost of 33c per kWh, Bag Heaven will be in front in just two months.

Ecovantage is based in Brighton Rd, Brighton and is looking forward to helping other companies like Bag Heaven slash their energy costs with the help of the SA government.

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