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What is this service?

Ecovantage is working with Energetica, a 100% Australian-owned and built technology platform, to detect potential savings opportunities by running a deep analysis of your energy usage patterns.

We do this by obtaining your historical data and bills, and examining them to detect savings and opportunities such as:

  • network tariff changes; 
  • cost-effectiveness of installing an energy solution such as LED lights or solar panels;
  • improving the efficiency of your current energy usage... and more.
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what's a network tariff?

There are typically a number of components on your energy bill, including the retail portion, which goes to your retailer (e.g. AGL, Origin Energy or Energy Australia, etc.), and the network portion, which your retailer collects on behalf of the companies that operate the electricity infrastructure in your location (e.g. Jemena, Powercor, Ausgrid, Energex, etc.).

You can typically negotiate the rates inside the retail portion of your bill, but you cannot easily do this for the network portion. However, depending on your energy usage, you may be eligible to move to a different network tariff, which may or may not be cheaper, and which our analysis will confirm.

how much does this cost?

The initial analysis is free and comes at no obligation. We will present the results of our analysis to you, and where savings opportunities are found, we will discuss the costs associated with implementing each solution.

For example, if we find an opportunity to switch your network tariff, we may charge a portion of your initial savings (typically 3-6 months) as our fee, with all subsequent savings going straight into your pocket. In case of a solar panel or LED light upgrade, we will present to you the options and their associated costs as well as the time it will take to see a saving.

what do i need to get started?

It's simple. You just need to sign an online DocuSign letter of authority that allows us to request your historical usage data from your retailer. We will then obtain the data, complete the analysis and present the results to you.

what data do you obtain? is my data safe?

We request your historical smart meter data, which is a record of the energy use at your location at 15 or 30 minute intervals. We also request your latest energy bill so we can confirm your location and energy tariff.

We use your data for the purpose of performing the analysis. So we can provide this service to you, we will need to share key data from the survey with our partner Energetica. Energetica will retain all de-identified energy data. If other services are identified (through the analysis) as being of potential benefit to you, we shall seek permission to share this data (from you in writing) with our specialist partners, for the sole purpose of providing you with the service.

For more information on how we handle customer data, see our full Privacy Statement. 

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