Commercial Lighting Case Study - Warehouse Lighting & Solar

Calcoup Achieves 84% Energy Savings

Total Energy Savings


Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

1.5 years

The Client

Calcoup Knitwear is one of Australia's top providers for school and corporate wear, operating for around 30 years. Previously they were using older style non-energy efficient lighting throughout their large warehouse, office and manufacturing areas that contributed to higher than necessary energy and maintenance costs.

Working with the Australian Business Chamber, Calcoup recognised the opportunity for energy savings and engaged Ecovantage to undertake a lighting and solar upgrade.

Calcoup Bench

The Project

Ecovantage partnered with Calcoup Knitwear, the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) and Australian Solar Designs (ASD) to provide a lighting and solar upgrade.

The result was an LED upgrade to the lighting in warehouse, plant areas and office, as well as installation of an 18.81kW solar system.


Given the scale and multiple activities undertaken, Ecovantage claimed the project under three government rebate initiatives.

  1. NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) - commercial lighting
  2. NSW Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) - small business lighting
  3. RET (STC) for solar installation

The Outcome

The rebates significantly reduced the out of pocket expense for Calcoup, saving over $8,000. These rebates paired with large savings in energy usage and maintenance costs as a result of the upgrade, considerably reduced the payback period. Reliance on grid energy was cut in half, and the business’ annual carbon emissions were reduced by 19 tonnes.

In addition to the benefits from lowering energy use and replacing much of the generation, the workplace lighting quality was improved with all panels, battens and highbays rating above 85 on the colour rendering index (CRI), benefitting all members of the Calcoup Knitwear team.

Key Benefits of the Upgrade

  • Over $8,000 in rebates to reduce out of pocket cost
  • A total of 203 light fittings were upgraded, replaced with 117 higher-quality fittings providing improved lighting output 
  • 19-tonne reduction in carbon emissions per year 
  • 70% reduction in lighting costs and 84% reduction in energy costs per annum
  • 59.6% reduction in total grid energy use
  • Lighting payback 0.5 years
  • Solar payback 2.4 year
  • Combined payback 1.5 years


“We have a large warehouse so it is important for us that energy costs are low. We’ve been a member of the NSW business chamber for many years; the business energy advice program contacted us about energy savings as an Australian government initiative, so we took it on, they sent out a representative within a few days; we spoke with them, they offered impartial advice; we knew they were someone we could trust, they have not only helped us install LED lights, but helped organise a solar system for us as well. In a month the ball was rolling and we were heading in the right direction.”

“I’d recommend this service to anyone in the manufacturing area. We are happy to be on board with this project and save our pennies, it’s exciting times for us.”

- Brad Wilson, General Manager

Calcoup Install

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