Car Park / Fire Stair / Emergency Lighting

"I think the fire stair lighting upgrade at The Heritage has been one of the most productive measures we have undertaken in the past couple of years."
John Bisley, Strata Committee Representative,
The Heritage Apartments, North Sydney

Swap fluorescent for multi-function lighting and save up to 90% 

Car parks and fire stairs are typically occupied less than 10% of the time, so why pay to light them 24 hours a day?

Optimal lighting for these areas provides a standby low level of light at all times, and full light when a space is occupied, so you’re only paying for the level of light you need. If you upgrade your fluorescent lighting that operates extended hours you can often achieve a return on investment of less than two years and energy savings of up to 90%.

Installing LEDs with occupancy sensors and other smart lighting control devices means that your lights are only working when they need to, lowering your energy use and further extending the lifetime of your lighting infrastructure.

Car park emergency lighting
Fire stairs lighting

Save on maintenance costs

Often overlooked are the costs associated with replacement and maintenance of lighting.

Consider the total cost of replacing a couple of fluorescent tubes in a car park:

  • cost of the replacement tubes
  • electrician's labour cost
  • cost of any special arrangements to ensure a safe work environment and minimal disruption to car park operation
  • cost of special equipment to access the light fitting.

strata building Slashes energy usage by 62%

We upgraded the emergency lights and other common area lighting at a strata building in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. This upgrade achieved a remarkable reduction in the energy use at the site. 

This customer's electricity bill below shows exactly what is possible when upgrading to LED lights. The significant drop in usage in January 2015 equates to a saving of 62% on their electricity after their lighting upgrade.

Emergency lighting Balmain Cove bill

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