ecovantage have recently began working with Australian Pacific Touring to calculate their carbon footprint. Carbon Accountant Caitlin Findley outlines the project and the efforts of APT to understand their impact.

Australian Pacific Touring Helps You Offset Your Jet Set

Australian Pacific Touring (APT) elected ecovantage to investigate the carbon footprint attributable to a selection of their tour packages. APT saw the need to lead the way forward when it comes to being an environmentally responsible operation, setting the standard for others in their field.

APT is a Melbourne based, family owned operation that has pioneered Australia’s travel industry since the 1960s and 70s by means of innovation. APT now boasts an extensive global portfolio while the founding McGeary family continues to own and control this successful business.

To date, ecovantage have calculated the greenhouse gas emissions of APT’s Royal Tourer (New Zealand), Royal Tasman (Tasmania), and their Kimberly Complete (Western Australia) travel packages. ecovantage’s Carbon Accountants have notable experience in emissions assessments, holding accreditation compliant with the internationally recognised standard  ISO 14064 for preparing corporate greenhouse gas inventories.

Once the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions derived from the activities undertaken on the tours (e.g. the buses, trains, boats and planes and accommodation)  has been calculated, this can be neutralised by offsetting.  A carbon offset represents a reduction in greenhouse gases, or enhancement of greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere. Carbon offsets are tradable and often used to negate (or offset) all or part of another entity’s emissions. ecovantage will advise APT on  offsetting to ensure transparency and credibility.

The overall aim of this endeavour is to provide adventurers with the opportunity to offset the environmental impact associated with their trip at a small cost to their hip pocket but at a large benefit for the environment.

If your organisation would like to assess their environmental impacts or learn about its carbon footprint, get the ecovantage by contacting our senior environmental consultant, Seamus Balkin on (03) 9645 7243. Otherwise, visit our website to discover our full range of services.