Commercial lighting

After a bleak 2014, this year is looking refreshingly good for the promotion of Energy Efficiency.

Yesterday the City of Sydney conducted a briefing on the Draft Energy Efficiency Master Plan with Clover Moore providing context and a panel of experts discussing the merits of supporting the plan (more details at Ecovantage CEO, Bruce Easton, was pleased to have been invited and was reassured by the support the City is looking to provide over the next few years.

One of the interesting challenges noted at the briefing is how to include the B and C class buildings in upgrade activities. Whilst the premium end of the market was well represented by Investa and GPT, the private investors owning individual properties are not. This is one area where Ecovantage, using the NSW ESS scheme incentives, has been helping out. Many of the thousands of commercial jobs Ecovantage has been involved in around Sydney have been from these sectors.

Whilst the premium end of the market has been achieving significant savings – often over 30%, the ability to invest and the understanding of the opportunities appear not to flow down. Ecovantage has plenty of work to do to help Sydney achieve their target!