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Measurement & Verification

Save Energy, Save Money

Measure and verification (M&V) installations require a baseline measurement of existing energy use, and a comparison against the outcome of an energy efficiency upgrade. The difference between these is quantified and energy saving certificates and subsequent financial incentives, can be created accordingly.

M&V can be applied to many types of upgrade, such as lighting, heating and cooling, motor upgrades and SkyCool reflective paint.

At Ecovantage, our energy efficiency experts provide M&V services using the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) as the basis. This has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy saving.

Our Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) specialists will develop a plan to quantify your energy efficiency project, and Ecovantage can help you access the relevant state and federal energy saving scheme financial incentives.

Speak with one of our CMVP specialists today to begin saving.

Our services include:
  • developing M&V plans that quantify the results of energy efficiency projects.
  • developing  RESA’s (Recognised Energy Savings Activities) under the Energy Savings Scheme PIAM&V (Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification) method.
  • creating Energy Savings Certificates for approved RESA’s.

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