Commercial lighting adelaide

Ecovantage has recently kicked off our commercial lighting program in Adelaide.

The South Australian government's energy efficiency scheme (REES) has recently been expanded to encourage businesses to switch from energy inefficient lighting to efficient lighting. To aid this transition, an incentive is offered as a rebate or discount which is deducted from the up front cost of the new lighting. This has made it extremely attractive for South Australian businesses to upgrade their lighting to LED.

The rebate amount depends on the building classification and the difference in energy consumption between the lighting being replaced and that being installed. In many cases it can be several thousand dollars and in some cases, may even be entirely free.

We are currently in the process of upgrading the lighting at two retail stores in Adelaide, Bag Heaven and Babylon Hair. The businesses will reap the benefits of enhancing their visual merchandising through better lighting and then saving substantial amounts on electricity and maintenance.

Torrens Consultancy operates a shared office space at College Park in Adelaide is another business that have taken up our commercial led lighting offer and upgraded to the old halogens to flush mounted LED downlights. Ecovantage obtained a REES rebate on their behalf which helped offset the upgrade cost. Again the company was able to reduce their lighting energy usage by 82%, save on ongoing maintenance costs whilst improving lighting outcomes. Good news and easy!

If you run a business and want to find out more, see Commercial lighting rebates and REES - Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme.