Lighting assessments

What is a lighting assessment?

A lighting assessment is simply a record of your existing lighting. It involves identifying the different types of lighting across your business and the number of each type, along with general business details such as site operation hours and current energy tariff. 

Lighting assessment summary

Why do an on-site assessment?

An on-site assessment is important to:

  • help establish the condition of existing lighting
  • assess how well the lighting meets the needs of the employees in each area of the workplace
  • benchmark existing lighting to determine how effective the upgrade will be in comparison.

When we upgrade lighting for a customer, our goal is to at least maintain, if not enhance, the quality of the lighting,  Simply adding new energy efficient lights to a room full of existing fittings, is not necessarily the best way to achieve this. It’s important to carefully examine the existing lighting and whether it provides an appropriate level of light for the space.

After the assessment

After the assessment has been completed, we will compile a tailored report for your business that covers:

  • an energy efficient lighting solution
  • total cost for supply and installation of energy efficient lighting
  • estimated energy savings
  • estimated maintenance savings
  • payback period
  • lifetime return on investment
  • energy efficiency rebate amount (if applicable).
Commercial lighting assessment

Where is your business located?

Sydney / melbourne / adelaide

If your business is located in or around Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, our Lighting Consultants will usually be able to visit your premises and conduct a lighting assessment for you.

Regional NSW / VIC / SA

If your business is located in regional NSW, VIC or SA, it is highly likely we have a local partner who can conduct a lighting assessment on our behalf.

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Prefer to Do Your Own Lighting Assessment?

If you're considering upgrading to energy efficient lighting to cut your electricity and maintenance costs, then it's likely you'll want to get several quotes for the upgrade.

But how can you be sure that each company is quoting on replacing the same number and type of lights? 

Unless you control what is being quoted on, you can't. However, if you do your own lighting assessment, then you can compare quotes more accurately.

Before undertaking your assessment, we recommend you contact us and talk to a Lighting Consultant who can step you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Lighting assessment

How to Do Your Own Assessment

On the Lighting Assessment Summary sheet (download below) record the lighting type, number, wattage, etc, in the appropriate columns.

In the notes section you might consider noting the following:

  • The age of the fixtures.
  • The condition of the fixtures. Are the lenses yellowed or cracked? Are there burn marks or smudges on the painted surfaces?
  • The activities or type of work performed by the employees in the space.
  • Is there an appropriate level of light for the space as it is now used?
  • Will the surrounding conditions of the space affect the lighting, for example, in a sandblasting shop, more dirt will accumulate on the fixtures.

Lighting assessment tools

Download the
Lighting assessment summary

This is a printable sheet to record your existing lighting details.

Download the
Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report

This outlines the most common types of commercial lights. It includes photos to help you identify your lights correctly.

Download a 
Glossary of lighting terms

Lux, flux and lumens! Lighting terminology can be confusing. This glossary outlines some commonly used terms to help you make sense of it all.

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