Commercial lighting in south australiaFollowing and learning from the success in NSW and more recently in Vic, SA has included commercial lighting in the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES – formally the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme).

Ecovantage is well positioned to help South Australian businesses upgrade their lighting to the new LED technology using accredited lights and processes and gaining the REES value associated.

The REES value will reduce the upfront cost of the upgrade and make the upgrade easier and cheaper.

Ecovantage is able to assess lighting requirements and provide a fully costed upgrade plan complete with return on investment and options for finance.

We applaud the SA government for including the Commercial Lighting activity in REES as it not only delivers the energy savings but will also reduce business costs and allow SA companies to compete more successfully. This reduction in cost may also lead to further jobs and prosperity in the SA economy as a whole.

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