Ecovantage is pleased to announce its recent VEET accreditation in two new rebate-able activities, the upgrading of refrigerated display cabinets and refrigeration fan and motors.

These new activities are a clear incentive to business to upgrade their inefficient machines immediately, and start making the energy savings. They are a helping hand in the form of a cash incentive to reduce the capital cost of the efficiency upgrades.

These refrigerators and fans operate 24 hours a day in every supermarket, milk bar, take away food outlet, petrol station, and the like and consume an enormous amount of energy. For instance, replacing an inefficient fan and motor in a soft drink vending machine with a new, highly efficient EC fan and motor can mean energy savings of up to 40% immediately, and forever. That’s alot of energy, emissions, and dollars saved right there. And if you consider the number and size of the fans and motors in the cool room of a cheese factory, distribution centre or of your local liquor store… the opportunity is extremely generous, and enormous.

We’ve just done our first two supermarkets and it’s easy!

Take advantage now. We can navigate you through the rebate process.