Commercial showerhead replacement - SA

Free showerheads + free installation

Save on your water and energy bills by upgrading to high quality water-saving showerheads. We are currently running a free showerhead exchange program in South Australia

So, what's the catch?

There's no catch.

This is a FREE service: the showerheads are free and the installation is free (in South Australia).

This service is offered under the South Australian Government's Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS).

The scheme has been expanded to encourage businesses to replace their inefficient showerheads with more efficient models. If your business has more than a couple of showers, this will save you substantial amounts of water and energy.

Showerhead exchange south australia

I've never heard of getting anything for free and I was waiting for them to say 'BUT...'.

It's a great service and it will save us money and the environment, water...all good things.

Nikki Geard
Stansbury Holiday Motel

Who is eligible?

All businesses, except government owned organisations are eligible for this service. 

Our in-field team are regularly working with:

  • motels and hotels
  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • caravan parks
  • gymnasiums
  • sports and leisure centres.

Does this apply to households as well as businesses?

Yes. We offer free installation in South Australia for the following:

  • water saving showerheads 
  • standby power controllers 
  • energy efficient light globes (ie lamp globes, not downlights).

Mark has already recommended the service to other parks and he's put the word out to some of their permanent pensioner residents for the retrofit program.

Sharon and Mark Haydon
Port Vincent Caravan Park and Seaside Cabins

Showerhead replacement Morgan Colonial Motel

I would recommend the service because they [the showerheads] look fantastic and they serve a purpose to help bring down the cost of our water bills.

Annette Richardson
Morgan Colonial Motel

Morgan Colonial Motel 530

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