This Sunday is Earth Day. I know some of you may be feeling fatigued by the idea of yet another day dedicated to something, but I think this is an important day to remind us how crucial it is that we look after where we live, so it can continue to look after us.
We are very lucky to have a somewhat resilient planet despite all the poking, prodding and extracting that we subconsciously do to it in our everyday lives. Every now and then however it does remind us it is still a living breathing cluster of organisms that deserves our respect and kindness.
I guess we should consider Earth Day as our humble planet’s birthday and celebrate it like we would celebrate our loved ones birthdays.
In lieu of cake why not commit to only purchasing organic foods?
In lieu of gifts perhaps we could commit to reducing, reusing and recycling- steering clear of products that cannot fit within this life cycle.
But most importantly, let’s still have that party where the earth is the centre of attention. Lets celebrate everything it does for us and show it our appreciation and love. After all, it has done so much for us, what’s not to celebrate?