…and the candles light up, this Saturday night, 8:30pm.
Earth Hour is a global energy efficiency action brought into play in 2007 by the Sydney World Wildlife Fund (WWF).The first year saw 2.2 million people and 2000 businesses participating by turning off their lights as a stand against climate change. Since inception, Earth Hour has expanded faster than the speed of an incandescent light into global action with the participation of over 128 countries turning off not only their companies’ and household’s lights but also the lights of city icons such as San Francisco’s golden gate bridge and Rome’s Colosseum.

Ecovantage and its employees are committed to Earth Hour –beyond the time constraints of a 60 minute period. Our commitment lays beyond taking only an hour out of our Saturday night to consider our impact on the environment but on a more ‘way of life’ approach. Beyond reducing, reusing and recycling.  Beyond composting and home-grown vegies.  We are committed to learn about the best innovations (both technological and behavioural) available to help our community lighten their carbon footprint.

We challenge you to do the same. If we can help you in anyway, we will.

Here are some actions we believe are easy to incorporate into your life:

–          Use a single lamp wherever possible in preference to multiple ceiling lights

–          Change all your lights for energy efficient alternatives

–          Use reusable bags for grocery shopping

–          Pick up litter as you come across it

–          Switch off your standby power at the wall or use devices such as a standby power board

–          Switch off your lights when not in use