Whilst Ecovantage is all about saving the world “one globe at a time”, by assisting households and businesses in becoming more energy efficient, this was feeling slightly one dimensional for a company with such a strong vision of staff and community engagement. We really felt the need to complete the picture more holistically.

Arts Project Australia seemed the perfect opportunity; sharing the same values, notions and concepts of community and proactive involvement as the CEO and staff of Ecovantage. The organization promotes and supports artists with intellectual disabilities, providing a studio space and gallery for these talented artists and has “advocated the artists’ inclusion within the contemporary art practice for the last 37 years.”

Staff members at Ecovantage have been encouraged and inspired to visit Arts Project Australia, to spend some time there watching the artists at work and to help select some pieces that they would like to see exhibited around the office.  A number of the lucky staff members who have had the privilege of being a part of this experience, have been able to enjoy the hospitality and the wonders of the Arts Project Australia stock room, as well as being a part of the first major selection of the pieces that are now a part of the growing Ecovantage collection. We also were given the wonderful opportunity to hear firsthand about the project from gallery director Sim Luttin, who visited the office recently educating, entertaining and inspiring the Ecovantage team with the incredible stories of the organization and the unique accounts behind each of the pieces we were lucky enough to acquire.

We would like to think this is an ongoing and growing project, with only a few more artworks for the office needed to complete the first stage of our relationship with Arts Project Australia. Ecovantage is proud and privileged to be a part of such a wonderful organization and encourages everyone to stay tuned, as we delve deeper into the community of Arts Project Australia.