Ecovantage is proud to support the Red Cross Green Steering Committee in delivering sustainability objectives across the organisation.
In May this year, Red Cross staff created a Green Steering Committee, a great initiative that has gained executive support to reduce energy and water use, as well as reduce waste and resource consumption.
The Green Steering Committee comes from a need for executive support for the already established ‘Green Team’ in each state.
The Green Teams have been implementing changes in their offices on a local level to reduce their impact by being conscious of energy and resource waste through activities such as eliminating standby power and recycling where possible.
This is fantastic for a lot of reasons, but especially as it will leave more of the organisation’s hard-earned cash available for its core activities – which deserve all the support they can get.
Bruce Easton, CEO of Ecovantage, will help this great initiative by applying his energy efficiency expertise to the team, which includes Red Cross staff from property, procurement, fleet management, and of course, the already established Green Team.

Ecovantage loves this sort of stuff!