In 2008 Ecovantage put down its roots to become the company it is today.
To service the four staff members, a small fridge was purchased.
As the company grew and grew and… you know where this is going; our fridge did not grow.

With the thirty plus staff we have today, the decision was made that our four person fridge could no longer meet our needs and we had to part ways with our wee fridge.

Knowing what we do about sustainability; it wasn’t just a question of popping down to the local white goods store and selecting a new model.
We had questions; the most important one being, do we need a brand new fridge? No! Well, where do we head from here? With the vast array of second hand white goods stores we needed to know that our fridge was as good as new.

Over the years, Ecovantage has developed many relationships with community based organisations – and when we decided what we wanted, we knew we wouldn’t have to look further than one of these groups. The answer to our refrigeration problem was readily apparent.
Phoenix Fridges; a community organisation run by the Brotherhood of St Laurence that trains and employs the long term unemployed to assess the quality of donated fridges and where possible repair those that are able to be resold or recycle those that no longer perform sustainably.
While the process of purchasing our new fridge was no different from purchasing a sparkling new one, it was the knowledge we gained from this experience which was different.

When purchasing a second hand fridge and also when assessing the efficiency of one you currently own; you need to take the following into consideration:

“Is my current fridge more than 50% full at all times? What size do I need?” A fridges’ motor works harder to keep the internal temperature cool when there are fewer items in the fridge retaining the temperature after opening and closing the fridge door. TIP: If you do find yourself with an emptier than usual fridge, put water filled drink bottles in there until it becomes full again to maintain the internal temperature.

“Is my fridge sealing properly?” Door seals are important to stop the cold air from leaking out and the warmer air getting in causing the motor to work harder to regulate the desired cooling temperature. Phoenix tests and reseals where necessary all fridges prior to sale.

We are very happy with our new fridge, especially because we know that not only have we saved a fridge from landfill but the purchase of our fridge has given work to those that have struggled to gain employment in the past.

Needless to say, our first and faithful fridge as good as it was, has gone to Phoenix for a makeover and a new home.

Phoenix Fridges – 1300 366 283