Ecovantage is happy to announce that we are now able to provide incentives for the installation of solar hot water systems and solar PV under the Renewable Energy Target (RET). As most of our readers would know, there are multiple benefits to be had from installing solar; from cutting power consumption and energy bills, reducing carbon emissions as well as tapping into a free and clean source of energy – the sun – far into the future. For instance, by installing a solar hot water system you can reduce your water-heating costs by up to 75%. While there has been a lot of press about the reduction in rebates available for the uptake of solar, there are still great incentives available to people wanting to make the switch to renewable energy, thanks to various state and federal government energy saving schemes.

Already active in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme, the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme in South Australia and the Energy Savings Scheme in NSW, Ecovantage is excited about being involved in the Renewable Energy Market. We are determined to utilise our valuable energy market experience to deliver best practice service and compliance within the guidelines provided by the Clean Energy Regulator. Ecovantage can identify and provide incentives for solar PV and solar hot water installations, link customers to accredited solar installers in South Australia, NSW and Victoria, provide advice on the Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) market, and provide products that will help to maximise the potential of solar PV and solar hot water installations. So if you need another reason to switch to solar call Ecovantage on 1300 721 335 or fill out our webform.