Helping  Moreland households strive for zero net emissions!

With average Australian households spending over $1800/ year on electricity and gas use, it has never been more crucial for Ecovantage to be involved in making a positive environmental difference at the local level.

In November 2010, Ecovantage partnered with Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) to undertake the MEFL Summer Saver program. The program saw 40 homes in the City of Moreland area participate by having either external window blinds and shading installed or other efficiency products retrofitted.

An Ecovantage handyman would visit participating households to install external blinds in keeping with the focus of equipping the home so it can remain cool in summer. Householders received $75 off the installation cost of the blinds and were also offered energy efficient lighting and standby power saving products.
External window shadings are important tools for reducing energy costs and improving comfort because they stop the hot summer sun warming the home and cut the need for mechanical cooling systems. Householders could choose the type and colour of the external blinds they wanted installed and had the windows measured to size.

At the completion of the project, Ecovantage had installed over 150 energy saving products into Moreland households helping the Zero Carbon Moreland members strive for their ultimate goal of zero net greenhouse pollution. The total carbon abatement achieved by the Summer Shading program was 5.6 tonnes of CO2-e per year.