CEO of Ecovantage, Bruce Easton, met with representatives of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Group this week to discuss implementing sustainable solutions in the Australian market. Easton shared his experience working within the energy efficiency sector including in state energy schemes such as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme in South Australia. Ecovantage has been operating since these schemes began and is now ten times its original size; so Easton is in a good position to discuss the energy efficiency market, government schemes and the potential pitfalls of the industry. The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Group representatives largely consisted of manufacturers of products including LED lights, insulators and Smart Meter displays. Ecovantage sees these new potential participants in the energy efficiency field as further proof of what an exciting time it is in this industry as new products come on to the market at prices and quality levels that make them very attractive to businesses and householders looking to reduce energy consumption.

Bruce Easton, Ecovantage CEO