Sustainability experts Ecovantage recently draft proofed 10 municipal buildings for the City of Port Phillip here in Melbourne. The majority of draft-proofing installations were performed in child care centres. The aim was to improve the thermal performance of each site.

The result was Ecovantage installing draft proofing products to apprehend the unwanted airflow into and out of the buildings. The draft-proofing products are mostly applied to structural gaps around doors, windows and the portals around ceiling fans. Once installed, the various devices act together to make an immediate and recognisable difference to the ambient temperature inside. Over time, the cost of heating or cooling is reduced considerably. And the rooms are more comfortable more of the time, passively.

Dean Johnston from Ecovantage managed the project and said: “The draft-proofing products prevent unintentional airflow, essentially closing the gaps, putting you in charge of airflow via the buildings’ windows and doors. The products are inexpensive, easy to install and visually discreet.”

Ecovantage are proud to be working with the City of Port Phillip, and share in the council’s commitment to improving the sustainability of their municipality, especially in their child care centres.

“This install has been a standout activity for the City of Port Phillip,” Dean Johnston stated “It is something quite often easily overlooked, but draft-proofing can (cheaply) reduce operating costs. Cooling or heating systems are massively over-performing when battling drafts. That’s costing someone a lot of unnecessary cash.”

“I’m happy to say Ecovantage has eliminated the sneaky drafts from all the properties, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. Now that’s something better for the kids, for council, and better for the environment.”