And so with this controversial introduction, Bruce Easton provided the audience at Clean Energy Week’s final day a high level discussion that ranged from the contention that Australia needs energy efficiency right now even more than it needs Renewables, to upgrading Chook sheds!

It’s reasonably well known that energy productivity in Australia is poor compared to similar economies and is improving at a slower rate.

Bad and getting worse!

Bruce also showed that the Return on Investment of common renewables, like small scale solar, sits around 6 years, whilst the replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED equivalents have an ROI of about 3 years (ex STC’s or EE certificates). Other forms of lighting like high bays, shop lighters and halogen down lights provide an even more attractive ROI of close to 1 year!

The talk also explored questions such as “Why is it that we get so emotional about a threat to the RET, but not about the demise of the Victorian state energy efficiency scheme or the national scheme a few years ago?”. Of course we don’t want to be in competition with renewables which have our total support, Bruce was just posing it as an anomaly bought about by factors outside of common sense. Ideally we would rather work with renewables and the last half of the Clean Energy Week presentation showed how this may work in the near future. A package of energy efficient ventilation fans from ebm-Papst, LED lights, smart controllers, rooftop solar and a financial instrument that sees the chook farmer in front from day one, and the owner of the high efficiency products and power generation after only five or seven years! Wins all around – including economy and environment!

If you want more information or a copy of the powerpoint slides, give Ecovantage a call (1300 721 335).