With the carbon price legislation being introduced to parliament and likely to be passed by the government, companies and householders are finally receiving some clarity around how the carbon tax will operate. We at Ecovantage are observing an increased interest from people seeking energy efficiency solutions as electricity prices climb, and more recently, as the carbon tax is drawing nearer to reality.

Energy efficiency and the carbon tax are intimately linked. Those who start walking down the path of being more mindful of the way in which they interact with their homes, businesses and greater environment are the ones who will be better equipped for dealing with the monetary impact related to a carbon tax.

Ecovantage are presently working on a local government pilot program where eligible small-to-medium-size enterprises are undertaking an energy efficiency assessment of their operations. The findings are consistently similar: that every business can make some savings – but many businesses can make significant savings immediately! There have been instances where Ecovantage have discovered old and crumbly electric water heaters in businesses that are not even being used! Turn it off and reap the instant savings!

Most of the time – the reason people are paying large bills for their home or business is because they have never been shown how to calculate the running costs of their appliances – or are not questioning the way in which they are using them. Ecovantage have stumbled across cases where people are running their heaters while they’re out of the house – just so it will be toasty on their return – because ‘that’s the way it has always been done’.

Energy efficiency is about actively using the smallest amount of a resource to achieve a given task. The number one piece of advice we would give to anyone wanting to embrace energy efficiency principles would be to question whether there is an actual need for running equipment. If you’re not home – who is the heater warming? Nobody. It’s a needless waste of energy and a burden to your pocket. On the flip side, however, it presents a tremendous opportunity to make an instant saving.

Whilst we don’t necessarily believe that a tax is the right instrument, we do consider the signal a carbon price represents an excellent motivator for homes and businesses alike to embrace energy efficiency principles. Ecovantage will continue to share their expertise with anyone wanting to know how to prepare for the carbon tax.