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Women’s Property Initiatives

The Women’s Property Initiative (WPI) is a not-for-profit, community housing organisation that creates new beginnings for women facing homelessness. They have 83 homes with 219 women and children in permanent living situations in Victoria, allowing them to get on with their lives with dignity and security.

Ecovantage CEO, Bruce Easton, was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Women’s Property Initiative (WPI) at the AGM last night, for helping out during the year.

There are 10 more WPI houses in the pipeline, but as was presented by Kate Colvin and Jeff Fiedler last night, there is a need for many (many) more! Lord Mayor Sally Capp joined Kate and Jeff to deliver some very interesting perspectives and insights into women at risk of homelessness.

The list of supporters for WPI is very impressive, with many doing so much more than Ecovantage practically can, but we will continue to try to help this small band of dedicated miracle workers in providing access to energy efficiency and maybe, hopefully, solar PV as well. The aim is to allow these women and families to live in light and comfort without financial stress.

From everyone at Ecovantage, well done to CEO Jeanette Large and her wonderful team. Ecovantage is proud to support WPI and encourage others to do so. The achievements of this small but motivated team are inspiring and should be appreciated far and wide.

If you’d like to donate to WPI visit their website at

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