Yesterday morning Ecovantage CEO attended the launch of the report by the Future Economy Group titled ‘Bringing Victoria’s Economy into the 21st Century’. The main take home message for me from key note speaker John Hewson, Ian Porter (nous) and a very interesting panel of corporate leaders was that if we keep losing our ‘natural capital’ in the manner that we have been, our economy will take a serious hit!

Whilst, to you and me that seems obvious and logical, our current batch of leaders don’t seem to get it. They are busy trying to protect the economy whilst undermining the very foundation of it – the natural capital or broader environment.
James Meldrum from Whole Kids (another BCorp) was on the panel and his company is a great example, keep trashing the environment and Whole Kids will need to source more product elsewhere. Intreprid Travel is another great example of a direct impact but we are all impacted at some level.
The Future Economy Group is asking that natural capital be included in any cost benefit analysis and considerations by Victorian Government.
And yet, we have been dealing with Vic Governments for a long time and this one in particular doesn’t get it.
So, how do we help them understand, or if we accept that such people simply can’t get, what do we do? Do we stop trying and just start pushing to just vote them out and hope the others coming in will get it?
Why is it so difficult? I don’t get that at all but I do appreciate the work that has gone into this fantastic report and recommend all to go to the website and see for yourself!
Thanks to all involved. Bruce