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Geofabrics upgrades lighting with ROI < one year





Energy savings



Payback period

< One year

LED lighting upgrade Geofabrics

Geofabrics Australasia has been a provider of geotextiles and geosynthetic products to engineering projects since 1978. Its textile factory in Albury NSW has been undergoing a number of efficiency changes in recent times to reduce costs in the face of rising energy prices.

The Project

Geofabrics removed over 160 400 watt high bay lights, replacing them with 129 highly efficient Somar Eluma lights distributed by local company Remtron.

The sophisticated Somar lighting system is based on a T5 fluorescent tube in a reflective housing (luminaire) and uses only half the energy of the original lights while producing more light. Inbuilt light sensors detect ambient light levels and vary light output appropriately. Movement sensors turn the lights on and off automatically when the area is in use. The increased light output of the Somar system means that the number of light fittings has been reduced, delivering massive energy savings.

Summary of Work

  • Reduced the number of high bays from over 160 down to 129.
  • Removed twin flourescent luminaries.
  • Replaced High Bays with Somar Eluma lights.
  • Installed occupancy sensors, push button timers and time switches.
  • The new lighting system is projected to save Geofabrics around 400MWh every year.

NSW Energy Savings Scheme reduces payback

Geofabrics have maximised the benefits of energy efficiency not only through cost savings in reduced electricity consumption, but by using the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme to significantly reduce the costs of the project.

Ecovantage was engaged to calculate, register and trade the Energy Savings Certificates (ESC’s) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). Ecovantage are accredited under the energy efficiency scheme and were able to translate the energy savings to $75,000 worth of ESC value or rebate. This additional rebate value from the ESC’s gave the GeoFabrics lighting project a return on investment of less than one year.

The Geofabrics upgrade is a great example of the NSW governments Energy Savings Scheme working to encourage investment in efficiency, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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