Energy efficiency workshop

Mal Boyd, our in-house draught proofing expert and all round energy efficiency guru, recently ran a ‘Get Ready for Winter Workshop’ for the City of Whitehorse council in Melbourne.

The workshop was provided free and was advertised in the local area via a letterbox drop and through the council section of the local paper.

Some of the topics Mal covered were:

  • Heat loss and gain around the house
  • Radiant, convective and conductive heat transfer
  • Air leakage and a range heat leakage issues
  • Insulation types and methods including windows and underfloor.

Heat gains and losses

Heat transfer

Air leakage draughts

There were some interesting questions and enthusiastic discussion at the end of Mal’s talk along with some very positive feedback. The participants went home with a heightened awareness of energy efficiency in general, as well as a list of practical things they can do to draught seal their homes and stay toasty warm this winter.