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Save Resources, Save Money

With rooftop solar you can capture sunlight to power offices, community spaces, outdoor areas and anything else you are currently relying on grid energy for. Solar can help your community move toward carbon neutral, and free up future budget from energy bills to use towards other projects.

Our solar specialists will work with you to design the optimal solar setup for your application, analyse your historical energy usage to calculate a payback estimate and lifetime savings, and help you access STC financial incentives and any other state or federal incentives to reduce the setup costs.

Our experienced installers will take care of everything, and you’ll have total peace of mind with a five year workmanship warranty on a system that is rated for 20 years – saving you for decades to come.

Speak with one of our solar specialists today and start saving.

Solar Batteries

Solar Battery Storage

Say goodbye to grid energy and blackouts!

A battery storage system will give you even more benefit from your rooftop solar system, storing the excess energy generated by your system during the day so you can use it in the evening or whenever electrical energy is required.

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