As a small business operator forced to reduce staff in Victoria in recent times, I find it extraordinary that the Napthine government expects us to believe their jobs plan. Why are they getting rid of the proven success of the VEET scheme which, at its peak, employed about 2,000 people and provided a significant net benefit to the economy which in turn would lead to more employment.

And now they come out with a job creation plan – unproven and uncosted. I’m all for job plans and I guess I should be happy that the staff that I lose may find employment elsewhere, but why not keep the VEET. In fact make it stronger and we will employ more people and have a greater net benefit to the Victorian economy by reducing energy waste.

Mr Northe, the Minister responsible, used a dodgy report to claim cross subsidies. We showed him where the assumptions were plainly wrong and yet he went ahead anyway. So the jobs of my employees and many more have been lost based on rubbish data and now they come out with a job plan with more dodgy data.

Sorry Mr Napthine and Mr Northe but I think your plan is probably a sham!