Ecovantage is working with the Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip and Hume to deliver the Home Energy Downlight Trial. The trial seeks to identify Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) alternatives to halogen downlights within a focus group of 170 households.

The Home Energy Saving Downlight Trial is supported by the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund, managed by Sustainability Victoria. The Sustainability Fund have already provided support for businesses, local governments and communities in over 200 projects across Victoria and have helped individuals make proactive choices on climate change.

Ecovantage is an accredited provider under the Victoria Energy Efficient Target (VEET) Scheme and has replaced over 300 thousand inefficient incandescent light globes in Victorian homes over the last two years.

Always examining new opportunities Ecovantage is now moving into the realm of downlights.  Approximately 20 million halogen downlights are sold every year in Australia.  These are responsible for around 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Public awareness of the high energy use and costs of halogen downlights is increasing.  Concern about the risk of ceiling fires caused by high operating temperatures of the lights, up to 500°C, is also growing.

The Home Energy Downlight Trial

Ecovantage is collaborating with three councils (Melbourne, Port Phillip and Hume) to recruit householders willing to trial the energy saving downlights. In return for up to 12 free energy efficient downlights, householders respond to a survey on their experiences with the lights approximately 2 weeks after the lights are installed.  Surveys are conducted by the National Centre for Sustainability. Installers are also are providing comprehensive feedback on ease of retrofit of each type of light for analysis.

The results of the trial Survey will be presented in a public report that will support government and industry achieve a broad scale roll out of energy saving alternatives to halogen downlights and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australians homes.

To date Ecovantage have retrofitted around 130 homes out of the total 170 and one of the four common areas.  Initial feedback from the first 50 of the homes, which had mostly CFL downlights installed, indicated high householder satisfaction with the lights and the trial.

Ecovantage continues to source new globes to include in the trial.  Globes must consume no more than 20 watts of energy each, cost less than $50 each and provide sufficient light to replace halogen globes.  Please contact Ecovantage on 9645 7243 if you have a product you would like considered for the trial.