The announcement from the federal government just prior to Christmas regarding the scrapping of the Greenstart program has come as a disappointment to us at ecovantage. Given that the most proven and effective way to reduce carbon emissions comes from energy efficiency in homes and businesses, we sincerely hope that the education of householders through a similar program will be available in the not too distant future.

Although regrettable, it is not entirely surprising that the Government has chosen to take this position. The problems associated with the previous Green loans program have been broad and destructive. Mostly due to mismanagement and poor data collected by a few un-scrupulous assessors. Although this is true, we need to be aware that this program was, is and should be a great way to provide people with the skills needed to become more sustainable in their homes. And the challenges faced in delivering the program should be used as valuable experience for a future program, using the passionate and dedicated assessors who became accredited out of their interest in energy efficiency and the environment.

The Federal Government have offered a Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment in a bid to professionalise the industry and they have also offered to help fund it by providing 50% of the fees. The Residential Building Disclosure Scheme due to commence in 2011 will further enhance the future of the industry, providing jobs for assessors and sustainability advice to householders. Unfortunately this is currently on hold but we are hopeful.

We at ecovantage look forward to a new horizon of opportunities within the industry and will always be striving to be at the forefront of delivering quality assessments and services to the community.

We would like to thank all of our fantastic assessors for a 2010 and we look forward to providing more home assessments and installations of efficiency products  up until the 28th Feb 2011.