It looks as though autumn may have arrived in Melbourne, which we thought was a timely reminder that Victorian’s are eligible for a substantial rebate when upgrading electric floor heating to energy efficient ducted gas heating. Read our case study on how and why below!

A householder in Yarrawonga recently utilised the VEET scheme when changing their electric floor heating to efficient ducted gas. In this particular case, the VEECs created from the job covered 100% of the upgrade. The resident will also benefit from drastically reduced energy use into the future.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme

Under the Victorian government’s Energy Efficiency Target scheme Ecovantage can provide a rebate to residents and businesses who adopt more energy efficient technology. This rebate value comes from the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), the value of which is based on the difference in the energy use (and carbon emissions) of an old and new product. The number of VEECs created depends on the product, while the VEEC value also varies. Products and companies like Ecovantage need to be accredited to work within the scheme. The rebate value can cover a significant portion of a heating upgrade while the new technology reduces energy use, power bills and carbon emissions.

The process

Using the VEET scheme to minimise the outlay for heating upgrades is a straight forward process which is easy to arrange with your own choice of installer. Ecovantage supplies the paperwork which is to be signed and dated after the installation. This is to be completed and returned to Ecovantage along with proof of decommisioning, a purchase receipt, a copy of plumbing compliance and an electrical safety certificate.

The outcome
During the winter months the Yarrawonga resident paid nearly $2000 for heating using his in-slab heating, while his new gas heating will cost approximately $400 – a saving of $1600 in heating costs, in addition to the VEECs created covering the cost of the upgrade.

This is a great example of the VEET scheme working to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology and reduce power use and carbon emissions. This householder was one of many – in 2012, Ecovantage returned $2.1 million to Victorians who upgraded their heating using the VEET scheme. Ecovantage encourages Victorian’s to use this hugely beneficial scheme in 2013!

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Heating rebates are available to Victorian's through Ecovantage

Heating rebates are available to Victorian’s through Ecovantage