Hot water rebates - South Australia

Thinking about upgrading your hot water system?

solar hot water rebate south australia

If you are installing an energy efficient hot water system, you may be eligible for a rebate  of up to $600 under the REES scheme. The rebate will be higher if you are installing a solar system, but is not limited to solar.

If you are upgrading to a solar system, in addition to the REES rebate, you may be eligible for a Small-Scale Technology Certificate rebate (see Renewable Energy Target).

find out which systems are eligible

We understand that rebates can be confusing, so give us a call and we can determine whether you are eligible and give you an estimate of how much your rebate will be. We can also put you in touch with one of our partner plumbers who have been trained in REES compliance requirements.

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How to claim your rebate


Contact us on 1300 721 335. We will verify that you are eligible for the rebate and if so, we will email you a copy of the Assignment form.

We will also verify that you are using a plumber who has been trained in the REES compliance requirements.

Complete the assignment form

Complete your Assignment form in black or blue pen and sign it. 

Note: It is essential that you complete this form correctly and completely. If it is incomplete, your rebate will be delayed.

Compile supporting documents

Take a copy of your:

  • Plumbing Compliance Certificate
  • Customer invoice showing supply and install dates
  • Electrical Safety Certificate (if electrical work was required).

Submit your claim

By Email

  • Scan your Assignment form and supporting documents.
  • Email to

By mail

Post your Assignment form and supporting documents to:

PO Box 390

Receive your rebate from Ecovantage

Your rebate will be paid directly to you from Ecovantage.

If you have any questions about your rebate, please call us directly on the number below.

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