Hot water rebates - Victoria

Recently upgraded or thinking about upgrading your hot water system?

You may be eligible for a rebate under the VEET scheme.

The rebate amount is calculated based on:

  • the type of system you are replacing
  • the type of system you are installing
  • your location.

* If you are upgrading to a solar system, in addition to the VEET rebate, you may be eligible for a Small-Scale Technology Certificate rebate (see Renewable Energy Target).

Ryanston family harnesses power of the sun and gets over $2000 in rebates

A family from Ryanston in regional Victoria were looking at ways to make their home more eco-friendly. In addition to being the greatest contributor to household greenhouse gas emissions, water heating can account for around a quarter of the energy use, so a reduction in their bills was an added incentive.

Although the home is located in a non-gas reticulated zone, the switch from an electric, to an electric boosted solar hot water was an obvious solution. The family opted for a 400 litre, 40 evacuated tube system, that was estimated to result in an annual energy saving of 74%.

The family have achieved a noticeable reduction in their energy bills and maintain that the new system has provided a constant supply of water at adequate heating levels.

The upgrade generated 50 Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECS), which meant that the upfront cost of the install was reduced by $500.

Significantly, the family was also eligible for an additional Federal Government incentive. The installation of small scale solar attracts a rebate under the Clean Energy Regulator scheme (Small-scale Technology Certificates - STCs). This enabled the couple to reduce their costs by an additional $1,480 (a total saving of about 30%).

Solar hot water rebate

find out which systems are eligible

To find out which hot water upgrades and units are eligible for a rebate, you can either:

Check the VEET Calculator

Go to the VEET calculator and add the system details into the calculator.

You'll need to choose the appropriate water heating activity - 1 (A, B, E or F), 2, 3B or 4.

If your system is eligible, you will see the total number of VEECs shown at the bottom. This is used to calculate your rebate amount which varies based on the current VEEC price. Call us to find out your estimated rebate amount.

- OR -

Call us

We understand that rebates can be confusing, so give us a call and we can determine whether you are eligible and give you an estimate of how much your rebate will be.

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