LED lighting Balmain Cove
We recently upgraded the lighting in a residential strata building in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. The old lights were upgraded to LED lights in the common areas including corridors, stairwells, lift lobbies, underground car park, bin and plant rooms. The project involved redesigning the existing lighting, particularly in areas where the light fittings had been poorly located or over-lit.

While we always expect to save our customers significant amounts on energy and maintenance, this particular result was outstanding. This customer's electricity bill below shows exactly what is possible when upgrading to LED lights. The significant drop in usage in January 2015 equates to a saving of 62% on their electricity after their lighting upgrade.

Balmain cove energy bill

In addition to the energy savings, this customer will also save on maintenance as the long lasting LED lights will reduce the need for regular globe replacements. Many of the lights are in hard to reach ceilings, so replacement pre-upgrade was quite expensive.

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