With more and more new homes being built there are more and more downlights popping up.

In recent years attention has been given to the amount of energy we currently use in our homes and what we can do to change that. CFLs replacing incandescents have been a major player but until recently there hasn’t been a wholly reliable replacement for halogen downlights. We have known about LED downlights for sometime but there has never been a straight forward replacement at a good price.

A recent article posted in The Age highlights the new age of  LEDs and the growing awareness of their importance in our everyday lives.


Good to see one of our customers giving some great feedback on the LED we stock in our online store.

“If you are looking to remove your 50W halogen downlights, there is no better replacement LED downlight than the Brightgreen 10W DR700. Same light output (720 lumen) as a 50W halogen, dimmable on all dimmers, works on all transformers, 3 year unconditional warranty, 25 year lifetime. We’ve tried alot of lights, these are the best. I can only highly recommend them”