Re: Green Programs to be Axed, The Age May 3rd.

Submitted By: Bruce Easton, CEO, Ecovantage

I noted that the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target is referred in the article as a Green Program and on the list to be axed.

Whilst saving energy will deliver some green outcomes, the scheme is actually more about avoiding energy cost and allowing people to live in comfort and within their means. It is about supporting Victorian businesses to reduce capital costs in becoming more energy efficient (rebates for efficient lighting, refrigerators, pumps and so on). Businesses get a rebate to change to more efficient appliances, reduce spending on power, leading to an ongoing reduction in operation costs. They may pass some of those savings on or use them for further production and increasing employment.

There are also hundreds of people employed in rolling out the program, axe the program and they lose their jobs. By simply lumping the VEET scheme into ‘Green’ is to undervalue this important state program. There is no current federal program that supports energy efficiency, reduces costs and improves productivity in a similar manner.

Don’t touch VEET.