Case Study - Commercial Lighting

Lifeline Reduce Lighting Energy Use By 75%

Estimated Lifetime Savings

$146,000 +

Estimated Energy Savings


Payback Period

< 3 Months

The Client

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians with
access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention
services. The Lifeline Smeaton Grange Office & Distribution
Warehouse functions as a central point to collect donated
goods, and sort them for delivery to the local Op Shop stores.


The Project

The Lifeline distribution warehouse suffered from poor
lighting overall but in particular the colours. The medium-sized warehouse is used to sort, clean, pack and redistribute
clothing donations to their retail stores. Old metal halide highbay lights, which are common in many warehouses, had dropped below 50% output resulting in a purplish hue. The upgrade was needed to improve the working environment of Lifeline employees through an increase in brightness and true colours.

Along with the warehouse, Lifeline also required the lighting in a large office space to be upgraded. The offices required more uniform lighting as the existing T8 fittings were aging poorly resulting in areas being underlit and not adequate for offce work.

As part of the upgrade, Ecovantage replaced the old 400w high bay lights with new 100w LED lights which produce a much better lighting outcome. We also repositioned some of the fittings to optimise the result.


The Solution

In the offices, we upgraded the existing twin T8 fluorescent fittings, many of which were discoloured and cracked, to LED panels providing really nice and consistent light across all areas.

Under the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme, this commercial lighting project returned a rebate of over $14,000 and allowed Lifeline to benefit from enormous savings of its lifetime.

 Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • Over $14,000 in rebates to reduce out of pocket cost
  • 191 light fittings upgraded
  • 45 tonnes of carbon per year reduced
  • 75% reduction in lighting costs per annum
  • Lighting payback 2.4 months
  • Estimated lifetime savings of over $146,000

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