VEET rebates have helped homeowners across the state cut their energy bills while making the shift to the latest in energy saving appliances. Many Victorians have benefitted from hot water and gas heating rebates, but can now also enjoy the benefit of latest LED energy efficient TV rebates just in time for Christmas.

Rebates on 5 plus energy star rated LED TVs are available to the energy conscious consumer, who is hoping to improve their home energy savings and also enjoy a price reduction on a possible Christmas present for themselves or their family.

Classified as high energy efficiency televisions through the VEET register, TV’s using energy saving LED technology and labelled with a 5 plus energy rating could provide a rebate value of $30 to $100.

The VEET product register hosts over 400 applicable energy saving brands of TV’s which can receive a rebate. Many of the selected TV’s energy consumption can be as low as 300 kWh per year, which provides a great opportunity to save on future bills. Considering that televisions are currently the fourth largest electricity user in the average Australian home, many consumers are now looking to the latest energy saving technologies to help in their battle against their rising electricity bills.

“Now is a great time to benefit from rebates on LED high efficiency TVs through the VEET scheme.” Nathan O’Halloran from Ecovantage said. “These rebates are helping consumers take positive environmental action as they upgrade to latest energy efficient technology and also providing consumers with a great payback incentive, just in time for Christmas.”

For more information on how to receive a rebate on your LED TV purchase call Ecovantage on 9015 6895 or email