Measurement and verification

A good energy management plan enables your business to quantify the results of your energy conservation and energy efficiency investments through accurate measurement and verification (M&V).

Measurement and verification is the process of using measurement to reliably determine actual savings created by implementing an Energy Conversation Measure (ECM) within an organisation. While savings can rarely be measured directly, they can be determined by comparing measured use before and after implementation of a project and making appropriate adjustments for changes in conditions.

At Ecovantage, our energy efficiency experts provide M&V services using the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) as the basis. This has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy saving.

We are listed as an approved energy efficiency expert for measurement and verification by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. See the approved list of providers here.

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional
Certified Measurement and Verification Professional

Our services

Our services include:

  • developing M&V plans that quantify the results of energy efficiency projects.
  • developing  RESA’s (Recognised Energy Savings Activities) under the Energy Savings Scheme PIAM&V (Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification) method.
  • creating Energy Savings Certificates for approved RESA’s.

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