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Small service station saves $3,000 annually


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LED lighting upgrade Metro Belmore

The project

Metro Petroleum Belmore is a small service station and convenience store located in western Sydney. It operates 20 hours a day, 365 days per year, totalling 7,300 hours per year.

The service station engaged Ecovantage in partnership with Energy Australia to upgrade their fluorescent lighting to long lasting, energy efficient LED lighting.

Summary of work

The existing lighting consisted of 36 Watt fluorescent tubes with electronic ballasts, 64 tubes in total.

Ecovantage replaced all 64 fluorescent tubes with Lumaled’s 17W LED tubes with integrated electronic ballast. The new LED tubes are rated for 40,000 hours, which is 8 times longer than the service station’s pre-upgrade lighting.

Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The ESS is a NSW state government incentive program aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of homes and businesses across the state.

As an Accredited Certificate Provider, Ecovantage works with customers to help them maximise their energy savings and obtain rebates under the ESS.


The return on investment was immediate as, on this occasion, the upgrade was fully subsidised by the ESS.

With the energy efficient LED tubes, the service station will save $2,000 each year on their energy bill.

The ongoing maintenance savings are also quite substantial; based on the service station’s total operating hours, they would have previously replaced the fluorescent tubes at least once per year. Therefore, they will save approximately $1,000 per year in maintenance and product costs, or $5,000 over the rated life of the new lights.

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